Bioenergy Community of Practice

The Bioenergy Community of Practice (BioE-CoP) is a peer-to-peer learning network of practitioners from governments, the private sector and non-governmental organizations, who work together for advancing the development of bioenergy in Latin America and the Caribbean. Launched in 2016 by the Secretariats of the LEDS LAC Regional Platform and theLEDS GP Energy Working Group, the BioE CoP brings together multiple LAC government leaders and key international experts to exchange good practices and provide tools and resources towards the design and implementation of bioenergy policies and programs.

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Since 2016, the BioE-CoP has enabled experts from 13 countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Bolivia, Belize, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, and Uruguay; as well as numerous regional and national organizations to exchange experiences about opportunities and challenges for bioenergy in LAC.

Activities and thematic focus

Past and planned activities include: online exchange and training sessions, in person workshops, bilateral exchanges, organization of webinars, coordination of technical assistance from CoP partners to member organizations, dissemination of information to CoP members about relevant initiatives and tools; and development of knowledge products.

Although the Community of Practice has a broad focus on different forms of bioenergy, each year the learning activities are organized around a specific topic, which is selected based on the interests expressed by the CoP members.

The topics during the first three years have been:

  • 2016: Advancing bioelectricity development
  • 2017: De-risking investments in bioelectricity
  • 2018: Policy and market environment for sustainable biogas investments
  • 2019 - 2020: Integration of bioenergy in national energy and climate policies

Please see below a list of our online and in person activities.

Our recent activities and material

2019 – 2020. Integrating bioenergy in national climate and energy policies


El presente brief presenta los principales resultados de la asistencia técnica proporcionada por un equipo del Instituto de Ingeniería Agraria y Suelos de la Universidad Austral de Chile a Agrogeneradora, Sociedad Anónima filial de Grupo Central Agrícola (Guatemala), como parte del apoyo del Climate Helpdesk del Low Emission Development Strategies Global Partnership (LEDS GP).

Esta asistencia técnica ha sido gestionada por la Secretaría de la Plataforma Regional de Estrategias de Desarrollo y Bajo en Emisiones (LEDS LAC), en el marco de la Comunidad de Práctica sobre Bioenergía (Bio-E CoP, por sus siglas en inglés).

Online presentation
Latinoamérica y el Caribe Bioenergy Making Bioenergy Sustainable

Online presentation
Taller de Discusión: La contribución de la bioenergía a la descarbonización

Online presentation
Residential Energy Transition Strategy in Chile: Sustainable alternatives to fuelwood.

Online presentation
PROBIOMASA: Avances y lecciones aprendidas del desarrollo de la bioenergía en Argentina

Online presentation
The potential and challenges for bioenergy development lessons from Brazil

Online presentation
Clean Energy ESB: reducing emissions and promoting sustainable development through carbon biocapture


Online presentation
The Global Methane Initiative Activities and Resources for the Biogas Sector

Organized in collaboration with CAF Latin America Development Bank and other partners.

Expert Dialogue on Bioenergy and Climate Ambition in the framework of COP 25

Organized in collaboration with CAF Latin America Development Bank and other partners.

2018 – Policy and market environment for sustainable biogas investments

  • Online session 1 : Rural large scale: Power to the Farmland! March 23
  • Online session 2 : Rural small scale: Energize your cows and crops! June 20
  • Online session 3 : Urban biogas: Don’t waste your waste! July 18
  • In-person workshop : Exchange and hands-on work – Business models, financing, enabling policies. Climate Week, Montevideo, Uruguay. September 20.
  • Parallel Session : during LAC Carbon Forum Montevideo, Uruguay. September 2018.
    See the photos.

2017 – De-Risking investments in bioelectricity

  • Online session 1 : Bioenergy Investment Risks and De-Risking Measures. September 13
  • Online session 2 : Addressing biomass feedstock-specific investment risks in bioelectricity project development. October 4
  • In-person meeting : Mexico City, as part of LEDS LAC's Sixth Regional Workshop. October 18
  • Online session 3: 2017 Summary of Findings & 2018 CoP planning. December 15.
  • BioEnergy CoP 17Meeting : This meeting was held in México, as part of LEDS LAC’s Sixth Regional Workshop. See the photos.

2016 – Bioelectricity Policy

  • Online session 1 : Resource Potential and Technical Considerations. August 10
  • Online session 2 : Costs and Benefits. September 1st
  • Online session 3: Policy, Administration and Financing. October 13
  • In-person workshop: Policy recommendations. San Jose, Costa Rica. December 15

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