In coordination with the LEDS GP platform, we offer the following services:

We facilitate learning and peer training

We develop forums, workshops and online resources such as webinars, to foster the exchange of experiences.

We connect experts and establish links

We facilitate contact between peers and international experts, and identify opportunities for assistance and technical advice for countries to establish links that allow them to carry out sectoral measures, analysis, planning and financing of LEDS.

We promote technical collaboration around innovative tools and approaches

We articulate diverse teams from countries, technical institutes and international organizations to add value to existing LEDS initiatives, through the development of new and innovative technical approaches and resources.

We promote the coordination of assistance programs

We facilitate the dialogue and information exchange between different programs to support LEDS for governments and technical service providers.

We foster leadership

We develop communications and other outreach resources to support LEDS leaders (champions) looking to expand the support and collaboration between stakeholders. In this way, we generate interest of new governments and political leaders.

Looking for help to formulate or implement LEDS?

We can help you! Our Remote Expert Assistance service gives you access to a global network that offers timely, high-quality, and free technical support to developing countries on specific issues related to LEDS design, financing, energy, transport, waste management, amongst others. The LEDS Global Partnership has an international group of experts who can give advice and help with reviews, brief assessments, and recommendations about sources of longer term cooperation.

If you are a member of our platform you can access these services by sending an e-mail to If you are not a member yet, you can register here: