International Initiatives and Success Stories in the Adoption of Electric Buses for Public Passenger Transport in LAC

  • Date: Wednesday, October 9th, 2019.
  • Time: 09:00 – 10:30 am (Time in Costa Rica, CST)
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Welcome. Rodriguez Tornquist. Coordinator of the Transport Working Group of the LEDS LAC Platform, Asociación Civil Sustentar.

The Action towards Climate-friendly Transport (ACT) initiative. Maruxa Cardama. Secretary General, SLoCaT Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon. | Download presentation

Supporting Urban Reductions in GHG Emissions (SURGE). Vladimir Sosa. Electric Mobility Manager for Latin America at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, World Resources Institute (WRI). | Download presentation

The process of adopting electric buses in the transport system of Santiago de Chile. Fernando Saka. Director of Metropolitan Mobility of Santiago de Chile, Ministry of Transport of Chile. | Download presentation

About the webinar

Mitigation in the transport sector is key to the implementation of NDCs and the adoption of electric buses offers a unique opportunity for climate action. At the recent UN Climate Change Summit, governments, businessmen and NGOs raised the call for greater action to combat climate change, presenting the Action towards Climate-friendly Transport (ACT) initiative, a global coalition to decarbonize transport and  the Supporting Urban Reductions in GHG Emissions (SURGE) initiative, a multi-regional platform that seeks to accelerate the adoption of electric buses. Also, the city of Santiago de Chile represents a concrete case in the lead towards the incorporation of electric bus fleet in its public transport systems.

The webinar aims to share the initiatives with decision makers and experts in the region, in order to encourage new cities to start a path of developing electric mobility in their public transport systems. The webinar will be held in Spanish. If you have any questions about this event, please contact the LEDS LAC Platform Secretariat:

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